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razorbillpress.com : a startup publishing marque for accessible science titles (under the imprint "TINKER") and utility/teaching/ecology titles.

25 Monkstown Road
St. John's, Newfoundland



The razorbill (Alca torda) is widely distributed around the North Atlantic, though not common.
Here in Newfoundland, the Razorbill is often called "Tinker" for "thinker" --- a 'th' sound is often pronounced 't' --- and reflects the razorbill's characteristic sky-gazing look. We like this thoughtful-looking bird as an emblem for our projects.

snapopen.com  : new technology for plastic bags that open easily and reliably, so they improve economy and hygiene, waste less material and time, reduce waste burden and make the sector a little greener. Reflector site: easyopenbags.com

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MEDIT : medical editing and medical writing advisory service, under leadership of the author of a classic neurology text.